Six Consecutive Solo Finish at the Furnace Creek 508

George “Red-Eyed Vireo” Vargas pictured with six finisher’s medals 2006-2011

Just a quick post to announce that I finished the 2011 Furnace Creek 508 “the toughest 48 hours in sport”.  That’s six consecutive SOLO finishes at the Furnace Creek 508.  I was inducted into the Furnace Creek 508 Hall of Fame as Class of 2011.  From my research of the Hall of Fame records I have only seen two racers that have done five consecutive solos, Michael “Alpine Ibex” Emde and me, the Red-Eyed Vireo.  Although I can’t compete  or compare myself to the multi-time 508 Champion, Alpine Ibex,  I did one-up him in only one thing— one more consecutive solo (yes these little things make me happy).

I had a great race.  I had great legs and my nutrition was perfect.  I felt great except on three occasions.  I had to go down for two naps on the exit climbs of Death Valley, Jubilee and Salisbury Pass.  I took a 20 min and then a 30 min nap (approx mile 310).  I just couldn’t stay away (about 1:30am) Then I took about an hour off the bike at the Mad Greek in Baker, time station 5 (mile 382).  I was overheated and puking.  I changed my cycling kit, dunked my head in the sink, sat in the air-conditioned dining area, ate some solid food while my body core temperature cooled.  From Baker to the finish I didn’t get passed by any Solo rider but I do remember passing many riders along the way on each of the three long climbs.  I finished strong actually I always finish strong.  My time was 38 hours 41 minutes which falls in as my second best at the 508.

I have to thank my crew, Lida, Carlo and Jim.  They were awesome!  Even though they were all rookies they performed like pro’s. Whenever, I needed something the vehicle just rolled up and there it was!!   I made a good selection for my crew.  Lida was an excellent crew chief on her first time out.  Even on the drive home they were still laughing and telling stories about me, them and the other crews and racers….that’s a great sign that they worked hard but still  had fun.

I’ll put together a more thorough race report as time allows.

Click here for my results

Click here for the complete results

2011 Furnace Creek 508

George A. Vargas

Bib: Red-Eyed Vireo
Start Time: 07:00
Gender: Male
Age: 46
City: Newport Beach
State: California
Country: United States 
Nationality: United States 
Veteran: Yes
Category: Solo
Age Group: 40+
Time Station Miles into
the Race
Avg Speed Time from
Last Station
Avg Speed From
Last Station (mph)
CalCity 83.6 10/08 11:51 04:51:00 17.24 04:51:00 17.24
Trona 153.8 10/08 16:09 09:09:00 16.81 04:18:00 16.32
FCreek 252.9 10/08 23:38 16:38:00 15.20 07:29:00 13.24
Shosh 326.4 10/09 07:12 24:12:00 13.49 07:34:00 9.71
Baker 382.6 10/09 10:47 27:47:00 13.77 03:35:00 15.69
Kelso 417.6 10/09 14:30 31:30:00 13.26 03:43:00 9.40
Amboy 451.3 10/09 16:58 33:58:00 13.29 02:28:00 13.68
Finish 509.6 10/09 21:41 38:41:36 13.17 04:43:36 12.33

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