Park City Point to Point – T minus 12 hours

I’m excited to be doing my first endurance MTB race.  It’s my first MTB race period.  Actually, it occurred to me as I was chatting with my friend Cheryl Zwarkowski that by the time I finish this race I will have spent more time on a MTB on just this race than I have ever spent in my previous five rides …and I mean cumulative!

I went for a pre-ride yesterday and was amazed how in just 9 miles I had 1600 feet of climbing but more importantly the distinctly different terrain I rode through.  I was cruising along quite nicely when I hit the wooded area below.  I HAD to stop and take a picture.

Below is an example of the markings that I will follow to keep me on course.

Below:  I had to dismount as I tried to climb this rocky section.  I won’t be taking any risks tomorrow.  I’m just there to finish.

Below:  This is the bike that will crush the competition.  Just kidding –everyone knows it’s not about the bike.  But I am very thankful that Felt Bicycles provided me a 2011 Felt Edict.  It is a full suspension cross-country race bike.  It is a 4″ travel bike that weighs sub 25 lbs with pedals in the stock set-up.

Please follow me on my Spot page. will stream information during the race.

Please make comments on my Facebook Fan Page.  I have a volunteer on the course who will pass along your comments.

So what are my goals for this race?  My goal is to finish with all my skin intact and all faculties 😉  Seriously though I would like to finish about 10 hours.  They say middle of the pack riders will finish between 9-11 hours so I want to be in the middle of that 😉  12 hour time limit with the pros finishing in 7 hours.

Am I ready?  Ready as I’ll ever be.  I have good legs.  I’m not overly tired or fatigued from weeks of hard training.  I have been off the bike dealing with a lot of personal issues lately — work and my son.  But that’s life isn’t it?

Park City Point to Point Race Organizer Jay Burke and George “Red-Eyed Vireo” Vargas pose for a picture on race day eve.

Lots of people to thank (alphabetical order)  CVAC Systems, Felt Bicycles, Infinit Nutrition, the Pro Bar, my friends and many more …too many to mention and I don’t want to bore you 😉

As far as tonight I had a nice light dinner and feel satiated.  I have compression tights on to keep my legs fresh and I’m hydrating.  Other than that this is just another race …just on different terrain and equipment.  The mantra that will get me to finish and keep me out of trouble?   Tranquilo Mijo…. Loosely translated “go easy son”

5 thoughts on “Park City Point to Point – T minus 12 hours

  1. Get er done. Piece of cake. I’m headed to Mammoth next week. EC challenge day 1. Unsupported. And then some other good stuff.
    Enjoy your ride on dirt!a

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