2011 Lake Henshaw Climbing Camp

I spent Thursday and Friday nights at the Lake Henshaw Resort.  I like using Lake Henshaw as home base for my climbing camps.  Now that I live in Orange County I miss the climbing in East San Diego County.  I rode four hours on Thursday with Palomar Mountain South Grade as the featured climb.   On Friday, I started from Lake Henshaw and climbed Mesa Grande to Santa Ysabel, Wynola Road to Julian, Banner Grade to Yaqui Pass to Borrego Springs and then the monster climb of Montezuma Grade to Ranchita, and then rode to Warrner Springs and climbed a “secret” road to Indian Flats.

The climb out of Borrego Springs (lowest point on the elevation chart) was at 109 degrees Fahrenheit.

Starting and finishing at Lake Henshaw

Elevation profile

Entire training ride graph from Training Peaks download from SRM

Mesa Grande Climb from Lake Henshaw off Hwy 76

Yaqui Pass off of Banner Grade towards Borrego Springs

Montezuma Grade from Borrego Springs to Ranchita

“Secret” road off of Hwy 79 near Warner Springs – Indian Flats

Please click image above for slideshow.

4 thoughts on “2011 Lake Henshaw Climbing Camp

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  2. George,

    The “secret” road to Indian Flats. Across from the Glider Port right? I drove that once. Looks
    like an awesome bike route.

    Was there water at Indian Flats?

    • Hello Mike,

      Thank you for reading my blog.

      Yes I believe there is a glider port lol! I was pretty tired. It is a really undulating climb that you can never establish a rhythm.


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