Friday Ride May 20, 2011

I haven’t been doing much group riding so I thought I would show up for the Friday ride.  The ride typically starts off mellow and continues to pick up intensity throughout the ride.  This week the pace was hurried from the start through Back Bay until we hit the surface streets.  But then it slowed down to a crawl.  My hope was that the pace would stay medium to high for the full ride.  One of the main reasons I don’t do group rides is because the pace isn’t consistent enough to feel like I get a good enough workout.  It’s either too hard and I get dropped or too slow and all my power data proves to me that riding alone would have been a better workout for me.  As an Ultra Cyclist I won’t ever need to ride anaerobic intensity but it’s nice to push that threshold up a bit so that my cruising speed increases proportionally.

Below are graphs for the entire workout with the following ranges highlighted– best 60 minutes, best 10 minutes and last five miles of the ride just before the sprint which I don’t pretend to participate in 😉

Entire Ride

Best 60 minutes 248 watts or 3.75 w/kg

Best 10 minutes 328 Normalized Power or 4.9 w/kg for 10 minutes!

Last 5 miles 280 watts or 4.24 w/kg

1 thought on “Friday Ride May 20, 2011

  1. Yep, I found the same thing. I can do doubles quite easily enough but that sprint group ride kills me. What was the distance on the group ride?

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