1038 Peak Power for 5 Seconds

As an Ultra Cyclist it’s rare that I will ever win a race by sprinting 😉 My greatest strength in Ultras is my ability to hold medium range wattage for long periods of time.  But I often wonder if all the long miles at a steady state is enabling my fast twitch muscle fiber to die on the vine.  So to prevent that I will do random sprints and surges during my ride.  Yesterday, while “chasing cars” as I call it, I hit a max of 1099 watts and held 1038 watts for five seconds.  As far as I can tell that is a Personal Record.

On my second ride of the day, later that evening, I actually hit 1023, 1049 and 1001 watts from standing starts.  It’s been a long time since I have been able to hit 1000 watts repeatedly during a ride– not since I was 10-15lbs heavier.  I was also concerned that my recent weight loss included the loss of muscle mass or power.  I have come down from 150 lbs to about 146 lbs in the last two months.  It is nice to see that I can still produce max power numbers the same as when I weighed 160 lbs.

I have included charts from Training Peaks WKO.  Below you will see the graph for the entire ride, the detail of the 5 second peak power and the Power Profile Chart.  The Power Profile Chart shows that even with a 1038 watts  5 second peak power yesterday I’m  still only mid-way into Cat 4 potential.


4 thoughts on “1038 Peak Power for 5 Seconds

  1. Power meters are the bomb. There’s so many angles of interpretation, so many ways to measure progress. 1038 at 148 lbs.. OK… impressive.. but just mid way through cat4!?

    And that’s what I like about cycling.. the achievements and odd humiliations. Not that this is one, but what a twist.. a personal best and then BAM, cat 4. Last week I was riding Mt Hamilton here, about 5500 feet of climbing over 40 miles, and I was just thrilled I was doing it quickly with a new 25-12 cassette as opposed to my previous 27-12 (those two teeth make a difference!). Then some guy passes me out of nowhere, with a huge fanny pack, 2 bottles and a camelbak. I never caught him, he was on an all day ride, but I did catch the fact, during a small chat, that he was was 60. I’m 37 and in better shape then I’ve ever been.

    My 5 seconds is a solid cat5 effort. My FT is a hair over. My 1 minute, if you zoom in, is somewhere approaching “untrained.” Whatever.

    OK, in any event – thanks for posting your power profile.

    What an awesome insight to see the power profile from someone of your fitness, a 508 stud nonetheless.

    WKO should have two profiles, one for people, and one for doped people.. I would hate to think that the top of the chart is reserved for those who require drugs to get there.

    • Ben,

      It was quite humbling to see that I was still Cat 4 pack fodder. So I will continue to do what I am better at … Ultras! By the way, I hope to be one of those 60 year olds some day :p

      Thank you for reading my blog Ben. Pass it on to your friends.

      Have a great ride!

  2. Hey George,
    I was out riding Seven Sisters yesterday morning and saw a gang of Bike Religion jerseys starting up on Pacific Island while was descending. Shop ride ?
    I am trying to break 3 hours on that ride, but it’s tough. My best is still 3:12, I think the traffic, red light variable is a factor.
    Power meters, I would love to own one to see my progress but they are so damm pricey.

  3. You can see from your power profile chart ur w/kg is improving (fast twitch)except for FT (slow twitch). You definately have racing potential if you worked on it but it’s hard to do ultras and race, something has to suffer. One day if you ever decided to dedicate yourself to racing, there’s no doubt you would be successful.

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