Six Hour Training Ride Today

Six hours pedal time yielded almost 109 miles, almost 18mph moving average, with a paltry 3,000 feet of gain.  It took a long time to warm-up today I don’t know why.  But once I was warmed up I had a great day on the bike.  The weather was perfect for riding around 65F.  Tomorrow another six-hour ride is scheduled with a little climbing.  One thing I would like to point out is that my Garmin calculated 6,225 Calories while my SRM Power Control 7 has only 3,711 kjs. Of course I trust my SRM more than the Garmin 😉

Newport Beach to Oceanside then back past Newport Beach to Huntington Beach and then finishing in Newport Beach


8 thoughts on “Six Hour Training Ride Today

  1. Wow, that’s a killer average speed. I’ve done that route a number of times but never averaged that kind of speed. Why are you riding the flats? I’ve been training in the hills with about 7,000′ a day on the weekends but my overall speed has suffered. Is this a stradegy for better speed?

    • Hello Mike,

      Thank you for reading my blog. It’s nice to have regular readers and be able to interact with them.

      I am riding flats because for the time being I don’t have any mountainous Double Centuries coming up. This is still my off-season base building time frame. I have the Spring Death Valley Double Century on Feb 26 and aside from the climbs to Jubilee, Salisbury and and back from Shoshone that route is essentially a hammerfest. It only has about 9,000 feet of gain over 200 miles most of it concentrated over 60 miles. You need to be strong on rolling terrain and flats if you want to contend with the power riders. I was second on that event last spring but I was training a lot more. I hope to finish top 10 this time.

      Also, personally I hate the flats. I suck at them and I am working my weaknesses in the off-season. There is no where to hide from the wind on the flats. And the wind is another weakness of mine. Sometimes we have to work on what we hate so that we can at least embrace it when you confronted with it on race day. I will climb more in June/July/August.

      I hope this helps. Please pass my blog around.

      Red Eyed Vireo

  2. George, great blog. I live in Phoenix but come to San Diego and ride whenever I can. You are giving me lots of great ideas. I was stationed at Pendleton in the late 70’s and mid-80’s and used to ride in SoCal when italian frames, Nuevo Record, and sewups were the rule. I’ll be out for the bike show and Gran Fondo in April and will come up to check out your shop. I ride a Moots so don’t try tempting me with your fancy carbon frames!

    • Terry,

      Thank you for reading my blog. How did you come by it? Also have you subscribed?

      Wow the 70’s you’re a salty dog aren’t you?! Looking forward to meeting you. Don’t worry I won’t sell you a fancy carbon frame as it is I’m riding my 12 year old custom Steel Serotta these days.


      • I saw your Death Valley ride report on a cycling forum, then to the old blog, then to this blog. I did subscribe.

        Yeah, 51, still riding and don’t plan on ever stopping. Better than buying a Harley or Corvette like a lot of guys my age. I love it as much or more now as I did when I was 17.

        I saw that on the Serotta. I like that steel is making a comeback. When i was stationed in Hawaii I bought one of the Coors Classic Serotta Colorado’s with C-Record on it. Those were the support bikes for the Hawaii leg of the 1987 Coors Classic. Ben Serrota’s wife handpainted them.

        • Terry,

          Thank you for subscribing I hope I don’t disappoint you now 🙂

          As LL Cool J said “Don’t call it a comeback …I’ve been here for years!” Steel may be making a comeback but I never left it. I have my 1988 lugged Bianchi too. Not original anymore but still down tube shifters!

          Please pass my blog around to your friends.


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