Christmas Day Century

For years now I have been riding a century on Christmas Day.  The weather in Southern California can be a little iffy during December.  I have ridden these centuries in short sleeves and shorts.  But then there have been years where it has rained or it’s been bitterly cold.  This year it rained for six days straight.  I really can’t remember a time when it rained that many days in a row.  And the rain wasn’t the usual sprinkle that we get here.  No it was heavy downpours day after day.

Below are some images of Laguna Beach which was one of the hardest hit coastal cities.  I expect that business will rebound quickly.  It’s never a good time to lose your home to a natural disaster but I feel much more sorrow to see these images during the Christmas holidays.

Fortunately, there was a two day break in the weather — Christmas Eve and today Christmas day.  I worked Christmas Eve but I had today off.  So here is my ride for today.

My Christmas Century Ride tradition continues for one more year!

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