Recovery and Massage

After two hard days of riding, , Saturday and Sunday, my legs were in desperate need of rest.  On Saturday, I placed 3rd at the 2010 Fall Death Valley Double Century . On Sunday, I did a 25 mile climb up to Dante’s View with surges and sprints.  On Monday, I took a rest day.  I was a wreck on Monday.  My legs ached so bad.  My neck and shoulders were fine as was my undercarriage but walking and getting in an out of my car was a chore.


Today I treated myself to a massage from Jena Hinschberger from Chiro Rehab in Newport Beach.  I feel sooo much better today after her massage.  I met with her one other time as I recovering from the Furnace Creek 508 .  I feel like a million bucks!! I highly recommend her services!! Jena may be reached at 949-939-2853.  Tell her I sent you.

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