So how far is the Furnace Creek 508?


This is a fun little exercise I did a couple of years ago so people could get an idea how far the Furnace Creek 508 was in tangible terms.

When you have the time take a look at this link and pick and choose different maps of two cities so you can see for yourself how far I will be racing non-stop at the Furnace Creek 508.

First the course profile and then below that is the map of the race course.  The race is non-stop 508 miles through Mojave and Death Valley Deserts, with 35,000 feet of climbing and 10 mountain passes.

Then there are two maps one for the West Coast and East Coast peeps.

San Fran to San Diego

New York City to Raliegh North Carolina


Portsmouth to Dundee


3 thoughts on “So how far is the Furnace Creek 508?

  1. Good attempt at showing the distances covered but I don’t think folks can get an idea until they drive it in a car. I did the Grand Tour triple century and no one could quite grasp the distance. I finally got some people to understand when I told them it was like riding a bike to AZ from the coast. 508 miles I don’t think they can get a handle on it unless they do ultracycling. Good luck George and I’ll be watching your progress.

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