Hour of Power Workouts 7/20 and 7/21

As a means to increase my intensity training I am implementing my Hour of Power workouts.  They are as the title implies one hour of hard tempo to threshold work.  These workouts complement my endurance and tempo workouts WHEN I get up early enough to do them 😉

On Tuesday my route was South on PCH to Newport Coast Drive, up and over to San Joaquin Hills then through Backbay back to the shop.  On Newport Coast, 1.55 miles 450 feet of gain and 6% grade, I did a three-minute hard effort, 1 minute recovery then 45 second hard effort, 1 minute recovery then a 30 sec hard effort. Through Backbay I maintained tempo-threshold power.   I held 3.0 w/kg average power and Normalized Power was 249 watts or 3.76 w/kg for my Hour of Power.

Tonight I went on a flat ride so that I could keep cadence and power more consistent.  I went North to Warner and back.  I’m really proud of my Cadence Distribution.  I spent over 64% between 80-100 RPM and another 14% between 100-120 RPM for a total of 78.8% between 80-120 RPM.

Average Cadence for the 60 minutes was 91 RPM.  I’m happy with that.

Average Power – 218 watts or 3.3 w/kg

Normalized Power– 235 watts or 3.55 w/kg

On Friday I have tentative plans for a monster training ride stay tuned….

Thank you for reading my blog. Please pass it on to your best friend.

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