Extended Rest Days

I have taken a few extra rest days during this 4th of July holiday weekend.  The last time I rode my bike was Friday.  On Saturday and Sunday I took it easy hanging around the house.  My little boy was sick on the 4th, and that gave me an excuse to lay down with him and take a nap — midday even–yay!!

Monday is always a rest day for me.  I’ve been meaning to make the Tuesday morning Coffee Crew ride for a couple of months but just haven’t gotten it together.  And then today when the alarm went off at 4:30am I was so exhausted I went back to sleep.  Apparently, it was drizzling so I didn’t miss much.  While rain has never stopped me from training, I don’t like riding in packs when it rains.  It’s sketchy and in my opinion dangerous.  Over the next couple of months I will make it a point to join the group rides at least once a week to get a little intensity in my training but not if it’s raining.

My favorite ride of the week is the Wednesday ride.  I plan on making the ride tomorrow.  Thursday and Friday are up in the air right now.  A plan should materialize by tomorrow.  I would like to do the Thursday morning Coffee Crew ride and then head out to Glendora Mountain Road and do some climbing in the afternoon.  We’ll see….

Thank you for checking in.

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