AdventureCORPS Rough Riders Rally

The AdventureCorps Rough Riders Rally is  less than a month away.  It will be held July 23-25 in Marin County.  I hope you’ve been training.  If you haven’t signed up yet there are only 10o available spots SIGN UP NOW!!
What is Rough Riding see below:
Welcome to the internet home of the Rough Riders. Our slogan is “Any Bike, Anywhere” and we believe in riding any distance, in any conditions, over any terrain, at any time of day or night. That sounds really hard-core, perhaps, but mainly we enjoy getting “out there” by riding roads, dirt roads, trails, and paths on whatever bike we happen to be on or have handy. Sometimes the pavement’s long gone and we’re still on our “road bikes” or some bike that would be commonly considered inadequate for the job – and that’s just fine by us! Rough Riding is not defined by the type of bicycle or type of riding surface. Rough Riding is a state of mind, a riding style with limitless freedom and an all-pervasive sense of adventure.


For a sneak peak at the proposed routes take a look here.

Friday's Route

Saturday's Route

Sunday's Route

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