Double Towne Pass and Emigrant Pass too

A quick post because I’m too tired to write about it. 147 miles and 13,400 feet of climbing.  I started at Furnace Creek– I climbed Towne Pass from Stovepipe Wells, descended Towne Pass and climbed Emigrant Pass, climbed Towne Pass from Pinnamint Valley and back to Furnace Creek.


Towne Pass Emigrant Pass Towne Pass

More to follow…

1 thought on “Double Towne Pass and Emigrant Pass too

  1. Hahah. George, buddy, I really laughed when I read this. Of course you would do something like this after HGH. What else would there have been for you to do? Not rest, that is for sure.I was at least relieved to see that you claimed to be tired afterward. I now know that you are human. Although I would not put bullet dodging or walking through fire past you.

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