80 for Haiti

Quick post — just got back from volunteering for the 80 for Haiti fundraising ride.  The riders were blessed with perfect weather for riding.  Beautiful blue skies with not a cloud in the sky.  AdventureCORPS did it again.  They had a perfectly organized and supported event.  The numbers were about 150 riders.  That is amazing considering the short amount of time AdventureCORPS had to put the ride together and keep in mind the Tour of Palm Springs was being held on the same day.  The Tour of Palm Springs attracts about 5,000 riders.

Let’s keep in mind why we the ride was put on.  Click here for special CNN coverage of the earthquake in Haiti
From the ride director:

A total of 157 cyclists from across California (and beyond) are coming together to ride the event, having paid $13,400 in entry fees (donations from $80 to $250 each), plus 97 non-riding supporters have donated $10,373, totaling at least $23,773 to support MercyCorps’ efforts in Haiti. This is the only known cycling event in the USA which was created in response to the crisis in Haiti and is likely one of the only fundraisers of any kind which is donating 100% of the proceeds (not just “the profit”) to support Haiti relief efforts. Thank you for playing an important role in this effort!

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