Shout-out to Rudy Project!

I’d like to give a shout-out to Rudy Project! I had two frames that were broken and I was dragging my feet returning them because I thought the warranty process would be a hassle and take too long. I thought for sure I would not get them back before the Furnace Creek 508 on October 3rd. Well I’m here to tell you it was hassle-free and very fast turnaround time.

First I filled out the warranty form.

Then sent the sunglasses via Fed Ex ground so I would have a tracking number.

I shipped them off on Friday 9/11

on Wednesday 9/16 I received two new sunglasses. Even with a weekend in between I got my glasses back in less than 1 week!

That is just awesome service thank you Rudy Project you continue to confirm the reasons why I choose Rudy!!!

By the way, since I need prescription glasses Rudy Project will be my first choice for Rx sunglasses!!

Below you will find the two frames I submitted for warranty.


Furnace Creek 508 2007 Solo Fixed Gear the Red Eyed Vireo wearing the Ekynox

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