Hero to Zero

Yeah that’s how I feel right now. Jure Robic you stink. Go hit the showers! In the closest Race Across America race in recent years you or your crew decided to pull out of the race on Time Station 51? What the _______ ? Are you a sore loser? So you got penalties that you feel are questionable. So you don’t think you can win because your penalties are greater than your lead over Dani Wyss. But quitting? Come on!

Maybe it’s because I will never win something like RAAM, the Furnace Creek 508 or a local crit. But to DNF a race when I still have the capacity to continue is beyond my comprehension.

Jure Robic, I respected you and admired you and your four RAAM titles but I now find your lack of sportsmanship appalling. You’re a great endurance cyclist but in my opinion your withdrawal from the race and the asterisk that will denote your withdrawal in 2009 will be an indelible stain on your all but fantastic RAAM record.

All hail the 2009 Race Across America Solo Champion. Dani Wyss.

From the RAAM website.


Truth be told, 2am Australian time, when I went to bed, I said to someone that I thought Robic would pull away. I look today and I see Wyss do the unbelievable.

Arriving in Annapolis, MD after completing 3021 miles, Dani Wyss won the solo male division with the second fastest time in RAAM history. 8 day, 5 hours and 45 minutes. Dani is now a two time winner of RAAM. He averaged a mammoth speed of 15.28mph.

When I was asked if I was interested in help covering RAAM this year, I jumped at the opportunity. Before this year, I only knew little about RAAM. Truth be told, I thought that Robic would win this year.

Robic has not finished the race yet, but he also hasn’t pulled out. He has until Monday to officially finish the race.

This win by Dani was gritty. It was couragous. He was a determined man. The Swiss rider impressed me throughout the race. His ability to stick close to Robic and not let Robic pull away was admirable.

Well done Dani Wyss! 2009 RAAM CHAMPION!

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