Torrey Pines Hill Workout Today Rough Riding Tomorrow

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Ride Stats– 33 miles and 4100 feet of gain on 11 ascents.

I had an unexpected 2.5 hours to train while in San Diego today. Being that I had such a small window I decided to do hill repeats on Torrey Pines. It had been a long time since doing a workout on that hill but after the first repeat it all came back to me. You see when I lived in Encinitas I would do hill repeats on Torrey Pines about once a week. It was also the turn around point of a lunch time ride of 21 miles and 1,000 feet of gain. I’ve done so many ascents of that hill I know where every crack is, where every tree root is breaking the pavement and every undulation.

The stats are 1.3 miles and 400 feet of gain.

I think it is just the right amount of effort and recovery when you loop around the inside of the park. The scenery is amazing. You are on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I feel rejuvenated each time I go through the park as I descend and recover for the next ascent. It is a popular place for beach goers, hikers and runners. My descent through the park is a nice diversion from the pain I feel on each climb. Today my pass through the park was so much of a diversion that I lost count of my repeats. Hence, the odd number of 11 ascents.

Weight of 150lbs today or 68.04 kg The Efforts range from high 8 minutes to low 7 minutes. Later in the season I work towards sub 6 minute climbs Torrey Pines.

1. Warm up climb at 2.87 w/kg
2. 3.43 w/kg
3. 3.88 w/kg
4. 4.21 w/kg
5. 4.58 w/kg
6. 4.32 w/kg
7. 4.02 w/kg
8. 3.55 w/kg
9. 3.70 w/kg
10. 3.53 w/kg
11. 3.82 w/kg

Tomorrow Brandy and I will go on a little adventure. We will be riding Maple Springs Rd which continues climbing “at the end” of Silverado Canyon. I’ve taken my ever versatile Cannondale CAAD9 and put 28mm tires on it. I say ever versatile since I’ve raced crits, commuted, gone on climbing rides and now will do some Rough Riding.

Tune in tomorrow for more on our ride!

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