Riding again…

Well not like before. But I have taken a few short rides. According to my surgeon I should not be riding for at least another three weeks. And even then I think he will not allow me to ride. I don’t blame him it is still very painful to use my right hand. When I ride I hold my left shoulder with my right hand (the busted one).

There is actually a lot of benefit to riding this way. Firstly, I am working on my riding skills. Secondly, I am able to focus on using my core to hold my body up and straight. I ride without a lot of pressure on my left hand. Thirdly, I focus on producing all power from good pedal mechanics. Pushing and pulling up on the pedals without the aide of my hands and arms pulling on the bars. Fourthly, I am doing my climbs seated and really working on my climbing technique. You know the old saying when given lemons make lemonade!!

Here’s what I have done lately:

Saturday November 22– 55 miles with 5000 feet of climbing (with a client)
Sunday November 23—60 miles with 2000 feet of climbing coastal ride
Thanksgiving Day..27—30 miles on my Fixed Gear 49 x 16 (81.5 GI) coastal with Brandy
Sunday ..November 30—30 miles on Fixed Gear 49 x 16 (El Chart below)

Where typically I would be doing 250-300 mile weeks this time of year I am barely getting 100 per week. My first event is the SAN DIEGO BREVET SERIES 200KM ON JANUARY 3, 2009.

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