Blogging in my sleep

I’m sleeping. Sleeping as long as possible, so Brandy is acting as guest blogger. 🙂

It’s early Friday morning and we were up late last night checking off boxes as we packed for Furnace Creek 508. About a month ago I asked George if there was something that we should be doing to get ready and he always answered me with “No, we have the 508 box!” The 508 box had many of the supplies from last year and was put away and not touched, so it would be ready for the 2008 race. He was mostly right, packing went really smoothly and I started to think that for the second year in a row, I’ve made it out to be worse in my head. Perhaps I’m still traumatized from all of the prep that went into RAAM and the enormity of the packing for that race.

So everything is in it’s place, ready to go into the van when George and Jason pick it up in about two hours. Surprisingly, the list of things to buy is pretty short. After I pick Ticia up, we’ll just need to make a quick run to Radio Shack to buy a bigger SD card for the Canon. Unfortunately, our plans to borrow the neighbors video camera fell through when they figured out that it didn’t work. Since Ticia and I both have our Nikon DLSR’s with us, we’ll designate the Canon as a makeshift video camera. The video on it is decent, and it’s better than what we had last year, which was nothing. The rest of the things on our NTB (need to buy) list, mostly groceries, can be taken care of once we get up to Santa Clarita.

We decided to stay at the Best Western down the street from the race hotel this year, so hopefully that won’t be too much of a hassle getting there in the morning. The Hilton Garden Inn, while a nice hotel, sells out of rooms with two beds much too quickly for a race of this size. Last year one of our crew members chose to sleep in the car the night before the race so we were trying to avoid that.

Hopefully George will have a chance to update more before we leave. If not, we’ll likely be out of touch until Monday. You can however, follow along on the Furnace Creek 508 Webcast, which will be up and running at noon today.



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