Training for Funace Creek 508 Update

Training for the 508 is coming along nicely. I have extended my commute to 45 miles each way. That’s 90 miles a day (with an 8 hour work day in between) and 270 miles for the week before the weekend starts.

Today’s commute was plagued with little annoyances. The morning started off great. I got enough sleep the night before and my legs only ached a little from the Tuesday night Criterium I do in Long Beach. One hour of high intensity effort. So less than 12 hours later on the bike again.

1. I drive 20 miles to my commute start point. I really needed to go to the restroom and didn’t have any idea where to pull over.

2. Well as I am thinking about where to pull over I realize I LEFT MY BIKE AT HOME!

3. My iPod wasn’t working yet it was fully charged

4. I had a headwind and warming up I said to myself “oh this is going to be a long ride”

5. I have four saddle sores now and they began to cause discomfort right from the start of the ride.

6. I flatted on Interstate 5 South from Las Pulgas to Harbor Drive in Oceanside. First time I have ever flatted on my commute on the 5 freeway.

But the day got better. On my way through Oceanside I ran into Steve Hegg . Then I ran into my friend Jason. We rode together and he gratefully listen to me whine about my ride. I then get to the start of the “Camp Pendleton Ride” and see some other friends Kenny Souza and John Howard.

As I’m shaking John’s hand he says “Hey Mr. Ultra Distance Cyclist!” I was stunned and humbled by his comment. I replied “John you are the the Ultra Distance Cyclist.” Then we got into a discussion of when I was doing RAAM Solo and why I didn’t participate in 2008 RAAM. It was good talking to one of the guys you started this whole crazy RAAM thing. He is really a down to earth guy.

Anyway I eventually made it to work and then the doldrums of the day began for sure. Except when Scott Tinley came in for a bike fit.

If you have read this far I am beginning my search for crew members for Furnace Creek 508. If you are interested send me a line.


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