On My Commute today….

I Adopted the southbound I-5 Freeway…allow me to explain.

The Butterfield Double Century will be held on Saturday Feb 16, 2008. Although I don’t have an official route sheet yet I have an idea which roads the route will take. I still don’t understand why Planet Ultra doesn’t provide route sheets prior to the event… seems silly to me. From the Planet Ultra Butterfield website,

“From Dana Point you’ll be on the coast through San Clemente, and along the bike path through San Onofre, all the way to Oceanside.”

I am assuming we are taking the I-5 freeway to get from San Onofre to Oceanside. I commute a couple of times a week from Huntington Beach to Encinitas. On my commute I take the I-5 freeway southbound in the morning and northbound in the evening. This morning I decided to take note of the condition of the shoulder and the debris strewn on the road.

Generally speaking, the shoulder was clear as of 6:30 this morning. There are scattered rocks, no bigger than an average sized plum. Between mile marker 56.5 and 56.0 (bridge) there was a lot of blown tire tread that I moved from the center of the shoulder to the right-most edge.

The two most significant issues with the southbound shoulder are:

1. Just as you approach the last roller and see the sign indicating: Harbor Blvd 3/4 miles (I can’t remember the mileage). There appears to be remnents of a car fire. There is glass, and burnt remains of car parts that are raised above the surface and centered in the shoulder. If you are riding solo no problem but beware if you are in a paceline. I removed most of the big pieces of blown tire tread in this section as well.

2. There is a storm drain on the exit ramp. It is closer to the white line on the left side of the shoulder but it does take a good portion of the shoulder. There are orange arrows painted on the ground that should warn you of impending danger. The drain is sunk in about 8″ below the surface of the road. Once again you will see it if you are riding solo but beware if you are in a paceline.

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