On My Commute today….

So the last week has been interesting. I have felt like a fish out of water. Rushing to take a train…..is this really me?

I wanted to ride fewer miles on the days leading up to the San Diego Brevet Series 300km. I took the Metrolink one day from Irvine to Oceanside round trip. I rode my bike from Oceanside to Encinitas in the morning and back to Oceanside in the afternoon. Today I took the Amtrak from Irvine to Solana Beach. It was a nice relaxing ride on the train but getting to the train was nerve-racking. I kept thinking if I missed the train then I would have to ride my bike home. Isn’t it funny how I was commuting the whole way on the bike the week before but this week I was fearing the ride? It’s just one of those things where when your mind is expecting one thing it is a shock to the body and mind to do something else.

On the first day of my train commuting, I walked up to the platform carrying my bike and immediately a gentleman approached me. We started talking about the bike, riding and different events. I told him I was doing a brevet and he was familiar with them.

SO I asked, “How do you know about brevets?”

He replied “I tried PBP once has really bad knee problems and didn’t finish.”

What a small world. There were three people on the platform and two of us were Ultra Cyclists.

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