2 days to go before Furnace Creek 508

Today is Thursday. I thought I was going to have a relaxing morning and it was everything but.

#1. It started out with my three year old son having a blowout in his diaper. Which meant I woke up earlier than I wanted to and to quite a mess.

#2. Then I find out one of my crew members changed his flight to San Diego Airport which is 100 miles from my base of operations and in the opposite direction from the race site. It was a shock but a couple of hours later it was resolved and now he is flying into Los Angeles which is better since it is somewhat along the way to Valencia.

#3 The rental van was not going to be ready until 5pm, and they were in San Diego I’m in Huntington Beach. They also couldn’t guarantee Captain’s chairs which would be easier for van setup than bench seats. A tip from another ultra racer about 1/2 rates got me interested in the first place. I had to cancel the reservation and find another van on the day before leaving for the race. Everywhere was sold out for mini-vans…who knew they were so popular. Brandy found a mini van with a decent rate and closer to home. It would be more but we would save on one day’s rental costs and gas costs for the pick up and delivery.

#4 A four digit erroneous charge on my debit card was the next fire to put out. after numerous phones between bank, merchant,merchant services we finally got it resolved…I think.

All this happened before noon. Ok now let’s see if the rest of today goes smoother. I just want to get on my bike.

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