3 days until FC 508

So what is the Furnace Creek 508 anyway? It is a 508 non stop, crew supported, bicycle race through Death Valley and other remote areas. Along with the 508 miles there are also 35,000 feet of elevation gain. You experience the high heat of the desert and the cold of the mountain passes…truly an epic adventure.

Here is the route and course profile. You can look at the profile above or you can go to the cool 3d graphs broken down by time stations. Doug Dog Sloan put in a lot of work creating this graphs. They are extremely helpful in giving you a feel for the race.

While I was training for 508 FG I was having trouble finding time for the miles. So I decided to commute on my FG. I would commute home on Tues nights and commute to work Wed am. Then commute Thursday nights and commute to work on Friday ams. The commute was 65 miles each way. My Tues/Wed commmute was the toughest because I would leave work at 5:15pm and get home about 9pm, eat, shower and NAP until 1:30am and roll from home at 2:00am. I would ride that early because I had a client at 6:30 and wanted to experience sleep deprivation and night time riding.

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