Finish Line Photos!

I wanted to thank everyone for their patience, I know that you’ve all been waiting for photos from our RAAM adventure. Our extremely talented photographer James Vogl handed off a DVD containing 1300+ high resolution images yesterday and I’m starting in Atlantic City and working my way back to California in my uploading efforts. Keep checking our flickr site, I hope to have all of them up on the site by this weekend. For now, all of the finish line photos are there!

RAAM2007JV 1300


4 thoughts on “Finish Line Photos!

  1. Love the finish line pictures. James takes quality pics.Both riders look spent! Congrats to both of you for finishing such an epic ride Congrats also to the crew for supporting both guys. Cheers – Garry

  2. Great photos…these were the one’s that I was looking forward to the most. George your smile says it all! Rick, glad to see you were able to ride in together…Congrats again!

  3. Hey George,Loving the CSL. I have put a few hundred miles on the bike so far and still trying to get the stem height and fit dialed in. I sure feel faster on my new ride. I am sure some of this can be attributed to the placebo effect of a new bike, but she sure is a sexy bike.I enjoyed following you progress online. Glad you and your new Cerlvélo’s made it back to SD.Cheers – Garry

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