Time Station 50!

310 miles to Atlantic City, baby!

We had a long night in the van last night, letting most of the remaining crew, we’re down three now for a total of nine, get some sleep. We worked both of the riders out of the follow van and sent the shuttle and motor home ahead. We’re into some very hilly terrain and swapping riders out every 15 miles worked well for us and we made our way through at least three time stations working that strategy.

Rick and George were spent after that, so we parked it at TS 49 when we rolled in around 4:50 a.m. and let them sleep for a couple of hours. Rick took the first 30 miler this morning and George is in the middle of his right now. We’ll exchange again in Flintstone which is about 15 miles from here. After that we have some nasty climbing that we will break up, working Rick out of the shuttle vehicle and George out of the van. Hopefully we can time our exchanges well and make up some time.

BIG thanks to race officials Mike and Cindy. They are like little angels looking out for us, calling to check in on us, listening to our woes, cheering us on and greeting us with smiles and hugs everytime we see them. I’m getting all choked up writing this, they have no idea how much seeing them lifts our spirits. This morning while getting ready to exchange, George says “I miss Cindy” and not two minutes later my phone rings and guess who it is…Mike! We took a few minutes to visit with them at TS 50 and we look forward to seeing them again soon. 🙂

We’re getting there! This entire team has worked so hard, we’ve had our ups and more than our fair share of downs, but we’ll make it!!!!!!

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