Mystery solved…

If you know George, you know that he lives to ride. Even more so, he lives to climb. Show the man a mountain and he’s ready to take it on. Yesterday while taking on the stage that led into Athens, Ohio one of my crew members mentioned that he thought that George had gained strength over the course of the ride and my reply was…

No, that’s just George Vargas you see right there, that’s how he rolls! I explained that the riding they had seen thus far from George just wasn’t typical, that the sleep deprivation and being sick had really gotten to him.

Well, it seems that he’s back…again! We pulled up alongside him after the bypassed exchange and he starts saying…

“Floyd Landis, stage 17, 2006 Tour de France, he dominated and whether he doped or not, no drug could make him that much stronger. He’s my hero”…that’s what is getting him through this stage of RAAM, right here, right now. He’s laughing, he’s joking, he’s smiling, and damn it…he’s kicking the ass of these Maryland summits.

Keep the comments coming, I’m yelling them out the window to him. Thank you for posting Kim…it means the world to him that Nick is watching!!

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