Racing the clock…

to get to Indy and our next cutoff. We had a day of rapid exchanges where Rick took the rollers which were really hurting George with his respiratory issues and George took the flats on the P3, which were incidentally, hurting Rick with his knee/achilles issues. Teamwork at it’s finest!

George was finally able to get some significant time off of the bike and some good rest. I’m currently following him and he is hauling ass on his 50 mile pull, averaging 19+ the entire time so far. What a difference from this morning, he looks GREAT out there! He stopped once to ask for Rolaids and I noticed that he was coughing up a little bit of blood when he was spitting, but it’s dark and I couldn’t tell how much. I have a call into our team doctor right now.

Rick keeps on keepin’ on. He said tonight that he’s having the time of his life out here! With Shari supporting him now, he is really being taken care of and is able to recover and get out there and do it over and over again.

The crew has really pulled together after our meeting yesterday and the operation is running much more smoothly. The rest of the crew are really helping Shari and myself out, knowing that we are down to sleeping whenever the riders do, which isn’t much! It is so nice to finally see everyone working together toward a common goal…getting these guys to Indy…and ultimately to Atlantic City!

I know that I always end this way, but it’s worth repeating again and again…

I couldn’t be more proud of these guys. It’s truly amazing to watch them put their bodies through living hell pull after pull.

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