Oh look…we’re still in Kansas!

George started this pull between TS 23 and TS 24 at mile 41.2 and he was exhausted and feeling sick. He’s been trying to fight off a cold that’s been coming on and I’ve been pumping him full of supplements and Airborne, but he’s getting no recovery and he’s just wearing down. The current pull is 35 miles and the next one will be 42 miles. He has asked for Nyquil so he can sleep and the plan is to give it to him about 5-6 miles before the exchange point at the end of his next pull. He’s been off of the bike twice so far during this pull and he’s just looking exhausted. While the shorter pulls and exchanges have been going smoothly for the crew and racers, I’m fearful that George is going to slip back into that sleep deprivation mode that he was in a couple of days ago. The motor home is constantly on the move with these rapid exchanges and sleep is scarce for him.

Rick is dealing with some achilles tendon issues and he spoke to Dr. John who has him resting and sleeping with a brace on his foot. He is icing it after every pull and we’re hoping that the brace will help. At the last exchange he also mentioned that his knees were bothering him. This morning he was in a caloric deficit, but he has consumed a good amount of food since then and is feeling better. I’m amazed at this man’s ability to recover. I haven’t seen much of him since I’m George’s primary support, but I have watched him twice go from being carried and not able to walk to kickin’ ass on his next pull. Rick is totally rockin’ it.

Big props to our crew as well…we’ve really pulled together in the last day and our rolling exchanges are really working great. Thanks to Jason for the suggestion, it came at the perfect time. Oh, and James gets super huge props for emptying the pooper on the motor home. It’s much more bearable in there now! 😉

AGAIN…these guys are amazing and I am so very proud of them. Please keep the comments coming. When they get discouraged, that will pull them through.

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