Quote of the morning…

Terry: Wow…there’s a LOT of stuff in here!

Rick: I said no “chick packing” and I put a chick in charge of packing!

Okay, so I might have bought a lot of food at Sam’s Club yesterday. Rick doesn’t understand the need for all of the food, since his plan is to survive on Hammer Nutrition’s products for the entire race and eat no solid food. Yeah, we think he’s nuts too…we’re giving him two days before he starts begging us for food. 🙂 I have 12 crew members and one racer who loves to chew that I need to feed, so I went all out.

We’re currently on our way to gas up the three vehicles and then to Kontron to meet with our crew. Race plan is that both Rick and George will ride the parade zone and then George will take the first pull to Harrah’s. The weather in the desert is looking favorable today!

More updates soon!

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