Here they go!

We’re off!! I broke my own rule, no crying on RAAM. When the boys rolled out I got all teary eyed, but it was short lived. Had to run back to the vehicles and get ready to leave the start line to meet up with Rick. But wait. What’s that? The follow vehicle won’t start??? No problem, jumper cables and a few minutes of effort and we’re out!

Big huge thanks to Jim from Red Star Energy. He came down to see the start, drop off more Red Star and as he was leaving he thanked me for letting him be a part of Team Beat Cancer. I told him he wouldn’t be thanking me when I called him from Kansas to hit him up for more money for the food budget, and the man not only opened his wallet and gave me everything that he had…he went to the bank to get more and met us on Coast Hwy to hand it off. WE LOVE YOU JIM!!!!!

Rick just called…George has a headache so we have the ibuprofen ready for him. The boys should be on the parade route right now and we’ll Rick at mile 13.1. He should get a little rest before his next pull.

Thanks for checking in! Don’t forget that you can email the racers and crew at and we will pass along your messages.

More soon!


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