We have to fit all of that where?

In those three vehicles? Hmmm…this should be interesting.

We gathered at Rick’s house today to prep the bikes and vehicles for our inspection which is Monday and more importantly, the 3,043 mile journey that begins on Tuesday. If there was an open storage space in the RV, Camry or follow van, we managed to fill it with water, donated food, medical kits, spare wheelsets and liquid fuel for the riders. It will be a tight squeeze to get the luggage of twelve crew members into the RV, but we’ll manage on Tuesday when everyone arrives.

Dr. John Martinez of Coastal Sports and Wellness briefing the crew on the med kits…

We had some hardworking crew members out there today, who we are truly grateful for. Their commitment doesn’t officially begin until Tuesday, but Jason H., Phil, James V., Will and Jason K. were all there to help out with all that needed to be done.

George isn’t sure what to think of the Compex machine…

Special thanks to Jason H. and James V. who put countless hours into creating signs for our sponsors.

Last but not least, our biggest helper, Alexander!

See additional pictures on our Flickr page!

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