Family and friends…

I just spent the last fifteen minutes teaching my daughter Avery, who will turn seven while I am crewing RAAM, how to use yahoo email. I set her up with an email address, carefully wrote the ID and password on a piece of paper, along with my email address and pinned it on the calendar right above the computer. I promised that I would email her from the road whenever I got a chance and that both her and her brothers could send me email anytime that they want to talk to me. This will be the longest stretch of time that I have spent away from my children, ever. Thankfully they will be with their Nana who they are excited to spend time with.

Going through this process with my daughter, it brought my thoughts to all of the people that will be missing us from home while we are on this journey. The people who have made it possible for all of us to participate in Team Beat Cancer. On behalf of the racers and the entire crew, I would like to express heartfelt appreciation to our family and friends at home. We will miss you!

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