Eastern Sierra

George and I headed up to Bishop, Ca. on Friday for the Planet Ultra Eastern Sierra Double Century. For George, this one didn’t go quite as planned. Just shy of mile 70, on Mammoth Scenic Loop, George went off the road and hit a snow stake. Thankfully, he walked away with some minor bruising and swelling. The carbon handlebars on the Cervelo Soloist didn’t fair so well.



Click here for additional pictures.

The SAG vehicle had pulled up alongside of me on Mammoth Scenic Loop and when I realized that George was in the car, I knew right away that he must have crashed. What was probably less than ten minutes, seemed more like an hour, as I finally reached the place that they had pulled off to let me know what was happening. My initial concern was of course, for George. Second concern…we’re 10 days out from RAAM! He assured me that he would be fine and sent me off to finish the double century. Timmer, our friend and the SAG driver who had picked George up, made sure to update me as I left the lunch stop and let me know that George would be out on the course to cheer me on. Talk about role reversal. 😉 He was out there at the last two rest stops helping out and encouraging other riders, it was great!

The swelling and bruising looked much better this morning and he is feeling much better. Thank goodness!

On another note, the Team Beat Cancer kits came in and they look amazing!

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