Crew meeting…

On Thursday night I took the opportunity to gather some of our crew members, along with George, Rick and his wife Terry, at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas. Reggie, one of our new crew members, was in town from Arizona and it was our first chance to meet him before we embark on this adventure. Jason also brought along Will, another new addition to our crew.


This would be the last chance to meet before the prep weekend in three weeks…did I say three weeks? Could we really be that close to RAAM? It is hard to believe that we’ll be on the road in three and a half weeks. Where has the time gone? Since both George and Rick will be riding tubulars for some of the race, George thought ahead to bring one of his tubular wheels and give the crew a lesson on changing them. I’m not sure what I expected, but the process ended up being much easier than I had envisioned. I was thankful for the instruction, though not difficult, this was definitely something that I didn’t want to have to learn on the road.







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